Noviembre Nocturno presents The Adventures of Igor and the Master.

Do you dare to help these goofy characters escape from the Treasury? Guaranteed fun!`

Written by Regino García Martínez, and narrated by Alberto Martínez Carcedo, Nocturnal November presents The Adventures of Igor and the Master, with its launch story: The Treasury Inspector.

In this story, you will take on the role of the Master, a mean and selfish being who only serves his own interests. Advised and accompanied by Igor, his hunchbacked henchman and figurehead, you will find yourself involved in loopy adventures, in your quest to conquer the world using dark powers, while doing business even darker.

In short, you must choose what decisions are best for this comic couple of useless, corrupt and misfits, when facing unspeakable dangers and tentacular terrors.

Available only in Spanish

What it does

Open the skill and help Igor and the Master escape their cruel destiny. Become the protagonist of this interactive sound fiction, enhanced with narration by a professional actor, and its unique soundscape and music production.

If you don't understand a question, you can ask Igor to repeat it for you, for example saying "repite la pregunta", or just say repeat if you want to hear a Summary of the section again.

If you want, you can go back if you want to change a decision or ask to repeat a scene. You can also skip a section to move forward. You can also restart the story by saying "restart" or "start over."

In its free version, this skill includes the first three rooms and the possibility of purchasing the adventure expansion (six more rooms ATM).

How we built it

To publish this Skill, we have a partnership with Noviembre Nocturno. With more than 8 million listeners on different platforms, Noviembre nocturno is the most valued independent podcast in radio-fiction in the art and literature section by Ivoox listeners and winner of the Ivoox audience award in the culture category in 2019 and 2020.

They were in charge of the original design of the story and the audio, including voice recording, soundscape and music. In Magic Tales we made the conversational design, guiding them on how to write the story and extra sentence the skill required (fallback, stop, help, reprompt, etc.), plus oversee the voice recording process as this skill require the voice to record most of the sentences not as one sentence but in blocks that then will match perfectly in random mode.

To produce the Skill we used Node.js, S3, APL for Audio, AWS, DynamoDB, Aurora, Lambda and Dynamics entities.

We have developed a stable and robust Skill plus a system that allows us to collect important information about user behaviour, allowing us to create reports focus on business necessities rather technical information, as that is what Alexa report offers, with the aim to show our customers and partners how the user live the interactive experience.

Challenges we ran into

APLA offer us the possibility to make the skill more flexible in its answers. We wanted to create a real conversational experience, so we design, record, produce and program random use of audio files in most part of the Skill. Only the room content is always the same (at least in this first version). This approach implied several challenges related to:

the dialogue production: each part of the sentences must match the other one so the user can’t notice the sentences is a puzzle of audio files, having to re-record several files to achieve the correct tone and way of speaking.

the production organization: to organize and correct naming more than 300 files was a big challenge too. We have developed several workflow tools, allowed us to control the production process and facilitating communication between technical and creative professionals.

programming: we learnt a lot in the building process, but that meant each time we found a situation where we wanted to enhance the experience with the inclusion of random content, that required a programming change. Also, we wanted to create a unique experience each time the user plays with the skill. That “totally random” mode implied a big challenge in areas as controlling the path transited by the user, required for “skip” and “go back” actions, for instance.

What's next for Noviembre nocturno

We will post-produce and introduce a few changes in sound fx production and proceed with the final mix and mastering in our audio studio (LBK Immersive audio productions).

We are working in the visual part of the experience. We are deciding what to use: APL or Alexa Web API for Games. We expect to have it ready before January 15.

We want to introduce generic ambience for those situations where now there is not a soundtrack created. For instance, the moment you can hear the room options is a mix of 4 different audio files played in random mode with at least 5 options per section. We want to give them a music background that can change depending on the room you left, to have a consistent audio experience.

We hope you enjoy playing with our Skill. If you like it, please kindly consider rating it and sharing your feedback.

Built With

  • apl
  • apl-for-audio
  • aplt
  • aurora
  • dynamic-entities
  • dynamodb
  • node.js
  • s3
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