The ongoing pandemic and the crisis that humanity is going through , motivated us to come up with this solution and provide people with an interface where they can have all their queries resolved, get the chances of them being infected and help them.

What it does

Let us know your symptoms and medical issues and we will inform you about your health status. So, avoid yourself going out to visit clinics when you are only anxious due to seasonal changes and the common diseases brought about by them. Simple, yet quite effective, NOvid-20 was developed to reduce stress and havoc amongst people as seasonal changes and pollution lead to the onset of seasonal flu and allergies which can show symptoms similar to that of COVID-19.

How I built it

I built it as a progressive web application using HTML, CSS, bootstrap for the frontend, used firebase for the backend and for prediction results, made a machine learning model which predicts the results on basis of various symptoms. A chatbot was also made using dialogflow, which helped in resolving all the queries of the registered user .

Challenges I ran into

1.User unable to read and update the database. 2.Model accuracy = 75% 3.Chatbot unable to process all kinds of user input.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The project idea, execution, improvement and the things we learnt

What I learned

Firebase and BootStrap

What's next for NOvid-20

Improving the project further for higher scalability, better interface and more features

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