Mobile app that optimizes the allocation of tests by registering interactions and assigning virus exposure risks to individual users. The goal is to achieve infection remission while still allowing for a safe number of interactions required for the production and distribution of vital goods and services.

Key differentiators:

Not counting the Chinese model, NOVID-20 is the only contact-tracing tool which propagates risks across extended networks of interactions. This logical architecture leads to an exponential increase in the number of detected cases with each new app install, and allows the output to pivot at any given time from containment to protecting vulnerable individuals, if critical mass (point of no return) is reached in any self-contained community.

Since March 16 when I posted this video on Youtube:, we’ve evolved not only the core math but also the technical implementation for registering interactions and the UX. Instead of scanning QR, we're going with gps+wifi to account for device proximity.

Distributed simulation risk estimation (by Ivan Bestvina):

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