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What it does

We are trying to build a WebApp name "Campus Connect". It is basically an Online Portal for Campus Ambassador, where Associate Manager and Campus Ambassador will be connected to each other which helps them in increasing Operational Efficiency. This Web App will be used by 3 user type : i) Associate Managers: Managers are allocated to each city. ii) University Students: University Students can use their app to Apply for Campus Ambassadors Program and then associate managers will approve for the sign-up. iii) Campus Ambassadors: Campus Ambassador is going to use this App, to check their aligned tasks, communicate between the different Campus Ambassadors across the country.

How we built it

We have first tried to find out the problem statements, then try to figure out the actual operations incurred in between the Associate Managers and Campus Ambassadors, so that we could able to create a redefined process which will be the differentiating factors from all others.

Challenges we ran into

First, we tried to figure out, if we could able to automate the process of the hiring of Campus Ambassadors, as from some of the references which they have stated that the Traditional Interview Process Doesn’t Equal Quality Reps. So first we tried to find out with a solution where Instead of veting students through a traditional interview process, start by identifying traits that make the position successful. So adding a questionnaire in the sign-up process for Campus Ambassador. We also figured out a challenge with if Campus Ambassador can mark their To-Do complete without or minimal audit of the task by Associate Managers.

Also, in the meantime, to improving the regular efficiency of the task, we had primarily 4 issues : i) Inefficiency in communication with internal teams ii) Consume much more time or not likely possible to track day to day progress iii) The team gets diffcultiesin organizing events in the initial stages iv) One Team members get exhausted in mailings.

And we tried to figure out the solutions to these issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have built 5 modules : i) Quiz Portal ii) Discussion Forums iii) Event Portal iv) Email Bot v) Tracking Portal

these modules help us to solve above-mentioned problems.

What we learned

To pick one major problem and how to solve the problem without using single lines of code at first by pencil and most important eraser.

What's next for NovaCorp

i) We will be working on the Tracking part for Assigned Task of Campus Ambassador without or minimal audit of Associate manager from end to end technologies.

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