Have you ever noticed weak nodes inside your network of co-workers or classmates? Are you missing shared acquaintances who can introduce you to others? Do you sometimes wonder which connections you need to approach in order to quickly build a stronger relationship with that person? Fear no more! Nova offers you the analysis needed to gain network with anyone in your team.

  • How am I connected to a person?

  • Who should I connect with?

  • What are my healthy relationships?

  • Which relationships need work?

  • Who do I reach out to?

How it works

Nova is a software platform for visualizing connections and performing graph analysis on a cluster of people. It generates directional graphs between people based on the strength of their connections/network. The strength of their connections is measured by the frequency of interaction and a sentiment value provided by the Muse headbands during communications coupled with a machine learning engine. We then use these relationship strengths to see healthiest relationships between friend circles, strongest/weakest chains in a network, and deploy dijkstra's algorithm to plot out the most efficient chain of connections to introduce person A to person B.


  • AWS EC2 instance ran out of memory (160k+ machine learning training datasets)
  • Pairing laptops/phones with Muse Headbands
  • Syntax & Semantic Errors
  • Front-end IE8 compatibility (not accomplished - too hard)


  • Successfully pairing laptop with Muse Headband
  • Successful hosting to AWS and Microsoft Azure with minimal issues
  • Working with strangers on a project we all share interest in.

What I learned

  • Development on Muse hardware and its future potential
  • The arts of machine learning and its impact towards technology today
  • Debugging skills (too many bugs - all exterminated ☺)
  • Team bonding and management skills
  • Core concepts of emerging technologies (hello Node.js & Angular.js)
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