The rewards companion app was inspired by Square’s Loyalty Program. Our idea is, how can we combine contact tracing and gamification together? Check-in to receive rewards!

What it does


Use Nova Rewards to keep track of all of your rewards across businesses in this single app. There is no extra account required, simply confirm the same phone number you used when checking out at the business’s other forms of ordering. After confirming your number, track your existing rewards and accure more points when you return to their store. Use Nova Rewards app to check-in when you're visiting the store, whether your picking up an order or browsing around, no purchase required! Nova Rewards will trace and monitor contacts of infected people at the businesses you visit and notify you immediately.


Join Nova Rewards to let customers discover your business and learn more about your Square loyalty program. It's free to join and simply works with your existing Square account. Confirm your Square locations, adjust your existing Square loyalty program to provide an incentive for check-in when they are at your store. Nova Rewards will trace and monitor contacts of infected people at any of your locations and notify you immediately.

How I built it

See system diagram for how we built it

Challenges I ran into

With just two of us being developers, we had lots of ideas and things we wanted to build but found it hard to create a concise UI that looked pretty.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a platform that allows for multiple sellers to be apart of, giving value back to the customers, and a pipeline that includes a development (sandbox endpoints) and production app.

What I learned

A lot about Square APIs and what they have to offer for the sellers and customers.

What's next for Nova Rewards - the rewards companion app

A lot of work on UI/UX to truely convey our idea. Get Square feedback on our use of loyalty programs, get seller feedback to understand how the platform can build a valuable engagement channel for them, customer feedback to understand the incentives for an end-user to come back to the app.

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