The idea was to make technology accessible to the group of people which are usually the most vulnerable in terms of its usage, the elderlies. As freshers although we had put our best efforts, we would accept that it's very difficult to make a complete project based on A.I. , but we tried making a compact version without getting into the complexities of GUI.

What it does

The chatbot is essentially a version of virtual assistant specifically designed to cater the needs of the elderly in our society , who often need aids in menial tasks , and we aim to solve this problem itself.

How we built it

Firstly, we went through many sessions of brainstorming to come to this specific concept of making a chatbot ,and then started the process of giving this concept a proper form, as in the technical front the source code is in python along with various libraries like speech_recognition and selenium webdriver etc.

Challenges we ran into

In projects like these there are many challenges that we face initially as very often it happens that our imaginations exceeds the limits of reality , so the first and foremost task was to come up with a an achievable thought or concept which we could implement in the contemporary world , then there were the technical aspects like we couldn't use GUI in the source code thereafter coding while using the selenium webdriver was also a difficulty that we faced.

What we learned

The whole experience of working in this process was wholesome and full of learning , we learned to work as a team which indeed helped us to put forward our individual thoughts in front of each other while adding to one another's ideas , while researching for this we came to know about the problems faced by elderly people and we tried to address those , and although we didn't use GUI we did learn parts of it's implementation and it ofcourse added to our coding knowledge.

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