I am pleased to present the theme of my "Nougat Premium Theme". I was one of the first developers when the COS CMS was very complicated to work with. I've seen this magical tool evolve and I believe with all my soul that the Hubspot CMS will be the reference for tomorrow's websites. Passionate about ergonomics, modernity and speed of website creation.


It's so frustrating to have a rigid site, with which we can't bring our imaginary touch.

Provide an easy to use theme that is the best possible in terms of SEO and speed. Have a modern and elegant look that can be used in any industry. This is the goal!

We have created Nougat Premium Theme to meet the maximum of HubSpot user needs. To be able to give them all the possibilities so that they can create their own desires.

What it does

Nougat includes 48 modules, 34 pages and 7 blog templates. They have been created to meet any kind of needs. Each template is created to have a unique style and not several pages that might look more or less the same. The variation of different modules brings agility to your project.

I worked on this theme so that it is more adaptable to the needs of the client with many possibilities of customization of each module. I worked a lot on this ease of use that you will have to familiarize yourself with at the beginning but in the short term.

The theme is easily customizable through the theme settings. With a few clicks we can change the appearance to an elegant look. Each module has advanced customization settings if users wish. Example of appearance effects or customization of the display of elements inside the module.

Thanks to our drag-and-drop page templates, users will be able to start from an existing database and have full control to remove/add/remove modules. This gives infinite combination possibilities!

How I built it

We have been creating websites for years for many companies and we strive to take over what makes a good hubspot site successful. We have incorporated the difficulties we encounter each time, and thanks to the many new features of the Hubspot CMS, we have been able to think and provide the best solutions for use.

Challenges I ran into

Reduce our ambitions to an achievable theme by the deadline. Put aside small non-essential features and create a solid base and foundation to bring the best of a Hubspot CMS

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud that Nougat is a solid and complete theme that can meet all sectors of trades! We are proud to have many choices of modules with many possibilities of customization for each one.

We are also proud that our theme is so flexible and customizable, that it can give the possibility to the imagination of the users.

We are proud that it gives a modern and elegant result.

What I learned

What I've learned is that the new HubSpot CMS is super powerful and gives a lot of possibilities for developers to create great things. This makes me feel even more confident about my decision to specialize in Hubspot CMS! I see a great future and participating in its evolution through chats, quizzes and forums makes me proud! So I say the hackathon is just the beginning to give the best of the site.

What's next for Nougat

The next steps of Nougat will be to perfect the documentation, create a video tutorial library that explains to the users how to create from A to Z or even the site without developers. Get the results they are looking for, and set up the site to be as efficient as possible.

Then exchange with the end users to ask their opinions to continuously improve the theme, correct the defects and make sure that the site is the best it can be. To bring solutions in addition.

Make the world understand that with the HubSpot CMS it is possible to create the best performing websites!

PS: Why "Nougat", I live in a small region in France which has as speciality a local sugar factory called nougat.

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