What if your toys could be as unique as you? NotWheels is a creative outlet that encourages you to build the racecar of your dreams. We've created a pipeline that lets you stick literally anything or anyone on wheels, so let your imagination run wild!

What it does

NotWheels is a system consisting of a specialty web application for model alignment paired with traditional 3D printing tools. The carmaking process starts with finding a model to serve as the main feature of your sick new ride. This can be any model you want, just remember to convert it to an .STL first (which is usually a google away). You then pass it into our custom three.js web application that lines it up with our specially designed base to maximize the design being showed off while making it fit the confines of a 1:64 scale race track (the scale that Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and other toy cars and playsets use.

The model can then be run through any traditional slicing software and then printed on any FDM 3D printer, or through a service like i.materialize or Shapeways.

How We built it

The core of our project is a web application that uses three.js to render imported 3D models of the .stl file format and place them onto our custom base that houses the wheels, which are printed separately and can be held in place with a paperclip acting as an axle.

Challenges We ran into

-We were trying to use CSG, a technique for making holes in 3D models, but finding a javascript library that actually functioned was a fruitless hourslong search.

-We had to stop using React.js with three.js since there wasn't enough documentation for what we were looking to do, which meant we had to use vanilla javascript which has never been our strong suit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Actually having something to present - we were having a crisis about making holes in the geometry for the axles on Saturday night, but a last minute brain blast from Corey got us back on track.

-Fighting with three.js and winning! None of us had previously used a GL framework before, so 3D web design was a totally new experience.

What We learned

-The basics of three.js

-Some more tips and tricks about 3D printing from Cooper from Lulzbot, who was a very useful resource on this project

What's next for NotWheels

-Automating more of our pipeline and creating more of a packaged product that doesn't need to be interacted with at every step.

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