Welcome to Athletic2gether!!! We sincerely hope that on this website you will find great people sharing the same interests in sports and exercises as you do! In these days of social distancing this will help you stay in shape, plus, you might actually find an athletic friend for life! After registration users are able to add and delete goal sports (activities they are willing to do) with their current levels in them. We encourage you to be honest about your skills, as they define the most suitable people for you to train with. Then our advanced search system will be able to find several potential workout friends for you personally. You can send friend-requests to each one of them. When he or she will receive your request, he or she will be able to either ignore or accept you as a friend. When your friendship-request will be accepted, you and your new mate will receive each other's email address in order to organize joined workouts. You can also create meaningful posts about health and exercises for all to see. Our team has plans to develop further this technology. We are looking forward to upgrading this website after the end of the NotUniversity Hackathon! So stay tuned for future updates!

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Step by step we created a website connecting athletically active people. 1) We created user-accounts and enabled them to be friends;) 2) After that, we developed a search system with smart metrics to find the most suiting potential workout mates to each user personally 3) Then we created posts for all to see 4) Now we are just polishing our creation) But there is a lot of work to be done in a couple of hours

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