Our inspiration was partly, a multi user platform accessed easily with a web browser, just like our project.

What it does

We developed multiplayer games that allow users to play using their smartphones without installing any other applications. Just using any web browser, the players can access together the same match and compete one against each other. There are two different game modes, the first one tests the memory and the second one the reflex.

How I built it

At the beginning we discussed together the idea of the project. Then we realised that the most efficient way to build it was Node.js as back-end and HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript as front-end. We started by creating the website and dividing into 2 sub-groups in which the first one was involved into designing the web pages and the second one took care about the backend server part.

Challenges I ran into

Dividing and assigning each task to a member of the group in order to complete the project in the possible fastest way. Connection and iteration among smartphones, computers and servers. Finding a really fun idea for an impressive gameplay and design of the game. Learning Node.js and Javascript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created a game that works great with many users connected and playing at the same time with each other. I am proud of being a part of this incredible team and learning from each other. We were able to communicate and understand our goals and to collaborate in order to reach them.

What I learned

We learnt how to create a web server based on Node.js, that also implements a Json API and how to interact with other devices through AJAX.

We improved our work-team skills through planning each step and split the tasks based on the knowledge of every member. Every time we set a goal and when we achieved it we moved to the next one.

What's next for Nottic

We would like to make more games and challenges that permit the players to also bet their money in a very simple way using Braintree. It would be really great to be able to connect our project to the CapitalOne’s API for managing the players accounts.

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