We all subscribe to things. Whether its music, movies, or two-day shipping, it always gets difficult to keep track.

We made Notsub (!Sub) because many of us accidentally overpay for items we didn't remember to unsubscribe from, and because it never hurts to have a little extra pocket money.

What it does

Notsub is a Chrome plug-in, android app, and web-app that helps you save money by keeping track of when you use your subscription applications and how often. Using this data, notsub sends alerts to users when it notices a subscription app has not been used for the majority of the subscription period and asks if they want to unsubscribe. It then will take them directly to the unsubscribe page for that particular app.

How we built it

The chrome extension uses local storage and Chrome's history api to track your usage and update what services you're using. The mobile app was built on android-studio using usage stats and custom adapters to create list-view of all unused apps and subscriptions. The web-app is a neat little thing. Mostly HTML/CSS/JS with a lot of pretty colours.

Challenges we ran into

So back-end is not really a thing on the web-app apparently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very ambitious with the whole android app + web-app + chrome extension goal, but we're very proud that we were able to get all of them up and running.

What we learned

Building multi-platform applications is difficult. Do not attempt without developer.

What's next for NotSub

Integrated payment transaction tracking to show users how much money they're gaining with respect to ROI so they can make better decisions based on the things they use already.

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