I heard that there is a game that combines Tetris and 2048. What I saw was not what I got excited about, so I decided to prototype my version.

How it works

It turned out not to be a winning concept for a game. It is not self-emplanatory enough. It does have fun gameplay elements, though. Blocks can pass through others, but only when the numbers match. If blocks collide while they overlap, the numbers get added. It can be played under if the website is not down.

Challenges I ran into

Bad code structure led to struggles with the recursive parts of the gameplay. I have not completely solved those problems. There are still bugs that I have not bothered ironing out because I do not think the game has potential.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made quick progress and avoided what I usually always do: overthinking and overengineering.

What I learned

Everything always turns out to be 5 times harder than it looks at first. But then again ... my experience has already taught me that around 10 times. Still I keep forgetting ...

What's next for NotProcAtAll

Nothing ... maybe I will speed it up and show it to some more people. If anybody is intrigued at all I might offer a gameplay tutorial.

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