Visit a city you don't know just in hours!


We started this mind blowing journey in Barcelona, but we didn't have a direct fly to Helsinki. Instead, we had a scale at Amsterdam, where we had to wait five hours until the next plane. We wanted to visit Amsterdam, but we hadn't planned it an we didn't have much time. This inspired us to build this useful app.

What it does:

The app provides you with a tour shown in a map adjusted to your budget and your limited time. Thousands of travellers have faced the following situation: Should I stay to the airport, or can I go to visit the city in the few hours I have until the next plane takes off?! Usually the answer is to stay in the airport because we don't want to lose the plane. Our app is here to change that! Just introduce at what hour do you want to start the express tour and when and where do you want to finish it. Also provide your budget, and we will take you over the most awesome parts of the city making sure you're on time for your duties. The app will also suggest you some nice place to eat, always adapted to your wallet.

How we built it:

We've worked in a completely cross platform environment (macOS, Ubuntu, Windows), and built an app for iOS, Android and the web. To do that we've coded in python and used deveo to synchronise our work. We've integrated a bunch of APIs to get the data we needed, most of them are open. We've developed our first version of the app just for Barcelona, because it's a city that we love, and it have some awesome open data provided by the administration. Some of the data that we get from there are: points of interest, activities, museums,...However, not all the information that we needed was open so, we've also used close data sets from Foursquare and Google.

Open Data sets: Cultural Agenda of Barcelona, Points of Interest of Barcelona, Museums of Barcelona.

Close Data sets: Foursquare, Google Places, Google Maps.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we faced was finding and integrating all the data we thought that was necessary. Because we combined very different sources, but we needed to work with all of them as equal. We wanted to have a nice looking product but we didn't have a designer in our team, and we wanted to have it in both smartphone and desktop screens. So we put a lot of effort and work in the design and the front end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud of the overall result because we think that we've come with a product that can be enjoyed for many tourists. The app also shown us some places of Barcelona that looks so interesting and we don't even know after living there for so many years.

What we learned

Some members of the team had no previous knowledge of web developing or python, and now feel confortable working on it. Other members have learn how to teach and still being able to progress on their responsibilities.

What's next for

The following steps for us are going global and offer this service world wide instead of just in Barcelona. But not just that, we want to collect tons of data from the users, and integrate more services and information. To give the user a unique experience, and let them have a great time where before they just had a boring idle time.

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