NotJustaBox EarthxHack 2020 Submission

Humanity might be going through sickness and hardship now, but Planet Earth was sick first because of climate change. Failure to act on the signs and dangers to the environment can lead to the destruction in the health and preservation of our home. With the help of Smurfit Kappa, we want to continue with the good we are doing for the planet, while also helping those in need. We were inspired by the hardworking men and women who go to work every day and think of others before themselves. We wanted to do our part to help humanity now, along with our future on this planet. So many volunteers are stepping up and helping the elderly and immunocompromised during this time, and we want to give them the supplies needed to make a difference. We learned a lot about single-use plastic regulations across North America, along with how much waste humanity produces. Using mainly HTML, CSS, Apache, and MySQL, we were able to build a website / interactive form to help those in need while also helping the environment. The main challenge on the backend was building the database and linking it to the website. The main challenge on the front end was creating an idea that makes the shop owners use our product instead of single-use plastic.

Additional README Information: Website can be run using a localhost server with apache, and mySQL running in the background. This can be done using a third party app such as XAMPP which can run both simultaneously.

Opening home.html will bring you onto the homepage of our site and from there you can access the various pages using the navigation bar at the top.

Prior to using the contact form the database was created on MySQL as users with the following columns: user_id which is autoincremented , name, email, store_name, store_address, quantity_of_cardboard, quantity_of_faceshields, and date which is inputteed automatically

Once you have set up the database on mysql ensure that Apache as well as mysql is running

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