We used to live in DRA for couple of years and miss our food delivery most of the time. No, not because we were retarded, but because we could barely have phone signal in the residence. As not so many phones can notify you about that, we decided to write something that can help students avoid this issue.

What it does

Our application listens to the cellular network state and notifies user when connection is too weak or not present at all, so user can fix this.

How we built it

Using Android Studio, duh

Challenges we ran into

Lack of time, basically. We had many ideas to implement, unfortunately, didn't have enough time to do so

What's next for Notilife

We are going to expand it to save the last location where network was still available and suggest the user to go there. We also plan to extend the idea to availability of different types of network: Cellular, 3/4g, WiFi, etc.

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