During my daily routine, I execute lot of commands to get things done, some of them take a lot of time, for example: deploy a big project, build a product, get backups, etc. Most of the time I keep them running and I go away from the keyboard, but I always want to get notified as soon as they finish executing. That is how I got the idea to create NotifyMe.

By being as flexible as possible, NotifyMe does not only serve my own purposes, but it can easily meet other peoples needs.

What it does

NotifyMe sends notifications via Facebook Messenger Chat Bot when a command finishes executing alongside with it's status code and output.

How we built it

The application contains two parts, the server and the client.

The server is a chat bot server written in nodejs (sails.js), the source code is open source and here is the repo link. The server is deployed at

The client is written in Golang, and it mainly sends command execution details to the server.

Before starting to use the client, a configuration is required. This is done by talking to the chat bot and getting a token and putting it in the config file. Also the client is open source and the repo can be found here

Challenges we ran into

Command line standards are tricky to deal with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Good team work, and we will be using the tool ourselves during our daily routine as developers who love the CLI.

What we learned

We learned that a simple idea can go viral if we design it in a generic way. Imagine how helpful the tool will be for devops and system administrators.

What's next for NotifyMe

  • Include other features like a "re-execute" functionality,
  • Use stackoverflow or any similar platform to offer suggestions about ways to fix the problem if the execution failed.

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