Inspiration : Due to lack of apps for women and blind people safety, I wanted to make an app that provides better ways to ensure their safety.

What it does:Before starting the journey, user adds the destination where they are going and contacts he/she wants to notify once he/she reaches the location. Using Google Maps, this app keeps track of the location and sends automated message to the contacts once he/she reaches the location. Also added an emergency help button, so in case of trouble like car trouble or lost then all the people in their contact list who are available within the close proximity can be notified.

How I built it: Native android development, built with android studio.

Challenges I ran into : I had to integrate SpeechRecognition API, Text-to-Speech API, BandWidth SMS API and Google Maps API within 24 hours. Since I never worked with these APIs before, I had to figure everything out in very limited time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: In 24 hours, I made a working app that can be used to make sure that we don't forget to notify people once we have reached the location.

What I learned: I learned how to integrate different APIs in Android. How to use GitHub for the first time.

What's next for Notify:

  1. Allow contacts to see status of their location and track their status like we track Uber Cabs. To ensure safety of Blind people and women, this feature can be used by closed ones to see what is the current location of their children or wife while they are travelling.
  2. Allow user to create events for their future journeys to help them keep track of their travel and if they are visiting someone, then that person will also be aware of the upcoming events.
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