The problem: At pretty much every big event (hackathon, conference, etc.), there's always a need for organisers to communicate with attendees to make announcements (e.g. food arrival, change of plans, reminders). Organisers have to run around different parts of venues and yell at people to inform them of things, which is less than ideal.

The solution: An app that lets organisers send push notifications to event attendees' phones, with important messages. Organisers spend 30 seconds setting their event up on our platform and inviting attendees to join, and attendees spend 30 seconds downloading the app and joining the event through the platform. From then on, organisers can send notifications straight to peoples' phones, meaning that nobody misses important announcements.

Future features: 'Survey' feature for organisers to push quick multiple choice questions to attendees' phones, which attendees can answer in a few seconds. This could be useful for a range of different things, from asking questions like 'Are you guys hungry yet?' to voting for hackathon finalists.

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