What it does

Notifier is an easy to use email notification and stakeholder feedback collection mechanism. Current feature set contains

  • Notification wizard
  • Feature rich email template editor
  • Notification Search
  • Template Search
  • Smart Filtering
  • Ability to use your own smtp server

Challenges we ran into

Apart from the usual development challenges one main thing that we ran into was non availability of certain REST api on Connect framework. You can run into "api not available" issue on any project and then you have to plan for a workaround. Providing a great seamless user experience was one of our top most concern.

What's next for Notifier - Email & Feedback Collector

  • Providing External user feedback portal and integrating the feedback with Jira issues
  • JQL filter support to further narrow down when a notification will be processed for a given issue.
  • Disabling notification processing on comments change.
  • Hierarchical notification for parent and linked issues
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