Has your phone ever annoyed you by ringing incessantly from a tirade of notifications you don't even care about that much? Annoying group messages from projects?

What it does

This app will let you select messaging apps that you want to block notifications when the frequency of notifications exceeds 1 every 3 seconds, allowing you to receive messages without the annoying train of notifications.

How I built it

Used Android Studio, built in java.

Challenges I ran into

Pulling the list of notifications and tracing with app the notification came from on a system-wide basis.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was our first project outside of class ever, and sucessfully creating the UI and having skeleton code that hashes out our idea really pushed the boundaries of our knowledge and abilities. We are proud of creating an app that increases the functionality and solves an everyday, yet frequently ignored probem.

What I learned

How to write Android apps!

What's next for NotificationsApp

We will refine the notification cancelling function, and adjust it to detect any group messaging app on the phone, including SMS texting and lesser-known group messaging apps so that this functionality can be extended to any user, regardless of what apps they use.

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