You’re walking down the street on a cold day. You hear your phone ding. It is probably your sister. You have been waiting to hear her important news, but your phone is at the bottom of your purse. You stop in the middle of the sidewalk rummaging through your bag. You’re so excited to see what she said that you almost forget your nose so cold it’s about to fall off. You finally found your phone to see that it was just an email forward of the latest cat video. With the Notification Scarf this all could have been avoided.

The Notification Scarf is a scarf with LEDs woven in to the structure. The LEDs are controlled through Bluetooth by an app on your phone. The scarf lights up when you receive a phone call for duration of the ringing and both the purple and red indicators are on. When a text or email is received, the scarf flashes. A text will trigger the purple indictor and an e-mail will trigger the red indicator. The app also has a feature that allows the user to turn the lights on with their phone at their leisure, which could be utilized as a fashion statement or a safety feature when walking or biking in the dark. The scarf has been constructed with silk and cotton yarn and a continuous strand of LED lights woven into the structure. The warp consists of an organic 2-ply cotton with a decorative stripe running through the length of the scarf and the woven weft is a combination of a finer mercerized cotton and reeled silk yarn to enhance the drape. The target market is women 25 to 45 who are on the go. This product will retail at about $200.

Built With

  • arduino-uno
  • bluefriut-ez-link
  • led
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