Notification Assistant for Jira (NAFJ) has powered Jira notifications for organizations of all sizes and industries for over 8 years. We used Codegeist as an opportunity to start to bring power of NAFJ to Jira Cloud.

What Notification Assistant for Jira does

There's a frequent refrain that you should build a product to solve your own problems. We use Jira Service Desk Cloud for our project tracking and support system. A common pain point we had was that we would attach a file to a support ticket, and then the customer would have to go to our Service Desk, log-in, then click and download the file. Everyone kept asking, why isn't the file included in the email? And this is exactly what we built for Codegeist. With Notification Assistant for Jira Cloud, you can now have attachments in your customer notifications.

How we built Notification Assistant for Jira

The app was built using Atlassian Connect, Typescript, Serverless, AWS, SQS, and SES. When Forge get's a bit more mature, we plan to switch some of our stack to support that.

Challenges we ran into

Because we're building the foundation of a much larger application, we had to invest a lot of time in various infrastructure components that are not necessary for a Codegeist sized MVP. This includes a robust web hook retry handling system and an architecture that can handle spikes in usage to ensure our customers always get the best experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

From the first release, we support:

  • Jira Software Classic
  • Jira Software Next-gen
  • Jira Service Desk Classic
  • Jira Service Desk Next-gen

What's next for Notification Assistant for Jira Cloud

We plan to extend the application to support more than Comment events. Go to the Atlassian Marketplace, scroll down, and click on Watch app to stay updated on what is happening.

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