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More than 400,000 cases each day. Hundreds of thousands of deaths. The second most infected country of all time: India. India's population crosses over a billion, however, one in four people are illiterate. Furthermore, there is a lack of awareness of information regarding the pandemic and lockdown. Built to combat this very issue, we introduce to you, NotiCov.


NotiCov is a website that shows updated information on the coronavirus pandemic. It displays graphs of the daily and total cases, both in regional and national levels. Furthermore, it tracks the location of the user and shows the nearest hospitals and their status. Users also receive daily notifications of the situation in their locale and updated medical center information in their email inbox. People could also subscribe to receive Discord notifications on important updates. Finally, developers willing to employ NotiCov into their own programs can make use of the NotiCov API which was developed as part of the project.


The coronavirus data was gathered from an API and stored in CockroachDB. The location of the user was tracked using geodata in Python, and that information was used to find the nearest hospitals. A website was developed where the user can create an account and view information regarding the pandemic. Courier was used to send daily notifications to the users.


NotiCov will be utilized to give personal insights of the pandemic based on the user's location. Furthermore, we will endeavor to add features such as daily online checkup questionnaires and bed availability to further help in the process.


Through NotiCov, we aspire to make an impact in our Indian community. It may not be big, but together, India can flatten the curve.

Note: We weren't able to obtain a domain from due to technical issues, and it wasn't solved despite efforts from mentors and sponsors. Hence, we have hosted the website in a sub-domain.

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