We have worked in the construction industry and on both sides of the customer/contractor relationship and have seen an opportunity for a platform that clears the communication between contractors and customers by setting clear expectations and a platform that provides clear communication and accountability on both sides.
Other similar services have focused most on making connections, but we believe the problem here is around communication, expectations, validation, and safety/security.
The core problem is a difference in expectations between Customers and Contractors. Specifically, Customers purchasing contracting services need qualified contractors with accountability and competitive rates. Sometimes, customers (property managers or homeowners) are not clear with their expectations because they either don't really understand what they want or are unable to communicate what they want in a way that is clear to contractors. On the contractor side; Small and owner-operated contractors have to stop working to sell and it becomes a distraction to their work. Constantly having to interrupt their work today to take a call so they can line up work for tomorrow. This leads to a poor sales and customer service experience with customers because of the frustration of being interrupted for 'stupid' questions.

How it works

1) Customers post projects, contractors bid
2) NoticeToBid processes payments and holds funds in escrow
3) Progress Payments processed through NTB and approved by both parties
4) App for contractors to receive notifications about new projects in their interested categories. Emails and push notifications sent to contractors with new projects. Can be batched or emailed based on preference or contractor add-on 5) layout, views, & functionality focused on design and building contractor portfolio so customers can view previous projects for inspiration and reference for their project similar look and feel to airbnb
6) Contractors can track current projects and schedule their work within the app
• Bid submission includes: price quote, time quote, exclusions & qualifiers
• Change request includes: reason (e.g. Change in scope, materials not available), cost affect, time affect, approval/rejection by customer
• Option: customer work as General for & between trades, or customer hire general through NTB to contract through NTB for appropriate trades
• Accepted bids executes a contractual relationship that NTB brokers
NoticeToBid Revenue Sources:
1) % of projects (i.e. cost of contractors)
2) Contractor Profile Enhancements
3) Project Listing Enhancements

Challenges I ran into

My background was in limited CMS based web development... So, I've been learning Ruby on Rails to create this site. I have a couple other business I own and manage along with 3 small children and it has been a challenge to make the time. But, I have been able to keep forward momentum and make progress.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have been focused on building a family Contracting business (TecPro Ltd - Electrical, Automation, and Security contracting) for the last 6 years to give my parents a viable retirement plan by exiting the business. In that time the company has grown from just my parents and I to 20-25+ full-time employees, a Federal GSA Contract, National work and projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to $2.5MM+ and increasing revenues 550% from when I began.

I have also been a part of a restructure and turn-around for a small retail business to help a friend get free from some unhealthy family business dynamics. The company is almost around the corner and after getting around the corner on the financial urgency, we have been focused on building a healthy culture to build upon.

What I learned

I've learned that life is hard, not just for me but everyone. The most meaningful thing I have learned lately is that facing life with the expectation that things will be a struggle makes the difficulties much easier to face and see my way through.

What's next for NoticeToBid

We have made some changes to our business model that need to be updated in our platform. Additionally, we are seeking funding and a developer team to prepare for launch.

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