We were inspired to build Notice Volunteer when our hometown of Troy, NY was hit hard by the post-pandemic national labor shortage. We realized how difficult it was for smaller service organizations in need of assistance to recruit volunteers, and for those volunteers to find opportunities that interest them. We are aiming this app towards a high school/college student demographic. There are some websites that provide a similar service, however Notice Volunteer's mobile app form makes the task of signing up for a volunteer opportunity faster, easier to find and use. We also wanted to build a platform that recommends tasks based on location. This builds a sense of intimacy between our users and their local communities. Since our app is meant for students, recommending tasks nearby could also be more convenient for them.

What it does

Notice simply and efficiently meets these organizations’ volunteer and donation scouting needs. Notice builds a culture of service by matching volunteers’ skills, time, and contributions to causes that they are passionate about. Notice helps volunteers find service opportunities and service organizations be noticed.

How we built it

We build this app using React Native for frontend, Node.js and Express for service layer, and PostgreSQL and Digital Ocean for our backend and database.

Challenges we ran into

As Manasa, our primary developer, is completely self-taught, it was difficult for her to figure her way through such a meaty app. She had some difficulty finding the perfect resources to help put this together, However, we are incredibly proud of our progress so far with the app itself. As a team, we have also found it difficult to keep up with the production schedule we've planned out for this app since we are all still students trying to keep up with school work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have secured 13 partnerships with nonprofit networks across Northeaster New York (ie. Trinity Health of New York, the Junior League, Boys and Girls Club, and our local shelters Joseph's House and Unity House). We have deployed on App Store.

What we learned

We learned that building an app of this scale is much more than just coding. We learned how to deal with customers, working with each other's schedules, and just how to turn a project like this into a fun bonding experience.

What's next for Notice Volunteer

Notice is holing an official launch party in mid-November for all of our nonprofit partners, student ambassadors, and some student volunteers. We are working towards Google Play deployment. After that we are hoping to enhance our current and add more features to the app based on customer feedback and activity. Some features are: 1. A Volunteer hour tracking feature, 3. Making Event posting more efficient

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