We started this project with the main goal of making learning more accessible to students by creating an online learning community.

What it does

Noticate is a platform for students to connect and share class notes with peers. It allows users to upload files, add tags and search for notes on the platform. Users can also curate their notes feed by following their friends or specific subject tags.

How I built it

The platform is a full-stack web application that is hosted on an Amazon AWS EC2 server with S3 storage. The backend was made using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB while the frontend was designed with Figma and built using React.js.

Challenges I ran into

Most of the team was relatively new to web development so it took us a while to set up our workflow and connect the server to the database. We set an ambitious goal of building both the front and backend from scratch, which resulted in some integration issues nearing the end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing the hackathon with a mostly functioning project! Despite the challenges we ran into our team was able to stay positive and learn a significant amount in 24hrs.

What I learned

This hackathon was an amazing learning experience. As individuals new to web development, we learned about the complexities of integrating frontend and backend components as we each delved into new, unfamiliar languages such as React and Javascript . We also learned more about available cloud resources, as we hosted the website on an AWS EC2 instance and learned how to upload and download files to an AWS S3 storage bucket. Additionally, through this new online format, we learned how to better communicate and problem solve with one another, realizing the importance of tackling problems systematically.

What's next for Noticate

Further streamlining the integration and hopefully moving the app into production!

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