When I heard the theme was "space", I thought "why not write something using Whitespace?" After all, Whitespace only has 3 characters: space, tab, and line feed. All of my code would then look completely blank! This is 100% NOT the intended meaning of space in this context, which is why I went with the idea. When I thought about what to create, it only seemed right for this silly project to have a silly purpose, so I decided to create a game. I also wanted the game to be correctly themed around space, so that's where the premise of the game came from.

What it does

It's a game, it provides entertainment to its players.

How I built it

I used this online Whitespace compiler. The docs on Whitespace are a little spotty, so I'm not sure if the code I've written would work in other compilers, but it definitely works at that site.

Challenges I ran into

As the project grew in length, the site started lagging very badly. I suspect this was due to the length of the project--my best guess is that just doesn't like modifying 1000+ line inputs.</p> <h2 id="accomplishments-that-im-proud-of">Accomplishments that I'm proud of</h2> <p>I'm proud of the fact that I managed to even complete this project! It isn't much, but it feels nice to know that I can set a goal and bring it to fruition.</p> <h2 id="what-i-learned">What I learned</h2> <p>I learned how to write in this psuedo-assembly language provided by the above site. Not sure if it's accurate to actual assembly, but it feels similar (speaking as someone who has never programmed in assembly.)</p> <h2 id="whats-next-for-nothing">What's next for [nothing.]</h2> <p>I'll probably keep working on it some, but I'll probably port it over to a language I know better. Maybe JS? After that will probably be more content.</p>

Built With

  • whitespace
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