Challenges we are going for: JP Morgan Leap Motion Challenge, Best Use of Twilio API, Best Communications Enhancement (MetaSwitch) - Yes, we are going for all 3 :)

The idea behind NotHandsFree is a mash-up of a couple of ideas. Twilio did a presentation at our hackathon on how their services can be used to call people, HackTheBurgh was also lending out Leap Motion sensors. Two separate ideas then came through in our group, one where you did a motion to pick up a phone, and then called someone without typing anything. The other was an implementation of American Sign Language (ASL) into Leap Motion, which in turn would send a text message to a designated number/s - This idea was out of scope for this hackathon, as it requires a lot of work to get ASL to even remotely work with Leap Motion, and even more to convert it into a text message which is reliable.

Our target users in how the application currently functions is in an office environment, where the implementation of our application would be most useful would be where a cluttered desk can be hard to find the telephone, as well as having to move important items to get to the telephone, the use of NotHandsFree would remove the need for that, and increase efficiency in a time-sensitive work environment by using your hands in the air to call someone, or a multiple conference call.

The scope for NotHandsFree is incredible, both the implementation of the ASL in SMS text messaging, and use in other platforms, such as vehicles, where companies are forever trying to come up with intuitive ways of keeping the driver focused on driving, but also able to perform tasks such as calling, or text messaging.

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