• We personally know and some of our friends have family members with Alzheimer’s. We recognize that seniors would want to stay independent despite having symptoms, which can be worrisome for family members. Therefore our app aims to allow seniors with Alzheimer’s to be independent.

What it does

• It is a lifestyle app designed for seniors who would like to live independently with dementia or Alzheimer’s • Allows for the quick storage and retrieval of important information, such as contacts and schedules

How we built it

• We used Figma to prototype our app, generating functional buttons and windows to fully flesh out our ideas • Prototyping with Figma allowed us to increment on our designs, improving things like interface simplicity and navigability • Then we programmed it using Google’s Flutter, a multi platform software development kit based around widgets. We first created a git repository, and then created the flutter project inside. Using the Figma designs, we replicated them using many layers of widgets, and beta tested off our phones. • After finishing each page of the app, we updated the git repository, and made sure everything was working off all our phones to take into account different aspect ratios and resolutions. • Afterwards, we cleaned up the code to make it more efficient, rather than having the same block of code many times and made sure everything was working again.

Challenges we ran into

• Installation and integration issues with our chosen IDE and platforms led to some unexpected complications which took longer than expected to resolve. • Not every team member’s skill set comfortably covered app development, different aspects were heavily dependent on individual team members • Skill restrictions meant good teamwork and organisation were fundamental to a complete project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• We’ve created a working app with much-needed functionality in our first hackathon as a team • Once we had everything set up, planning and development went without a hitch due to organisation and structuring • There was enough time to build a refined GUI despite a 2 day restriction

What we learned

• Several teammates learned Figma as a prototyping software • The process and work required for building a mobile application • We learned to use Git

What's next for ForgetMeNot

• We hope to integrate cross-device functionality, and other features such as in-app calls in the “People” page • Additionally, we hope that users would be able to see other users’ location within the app, such that it would be possible for caregivers of people with Alzheimer's to know their location and be reassured that they are safe.

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