We've always had trouble deciding music at parties, so we decided to create an application that allows everyone to have a say in what music is played.

What it does

NoteVote connects with Spotify's API and creates a playlist for the party. Once the party is created, people can visit the room and begin adding songs and up voting or down voting songs. From there the playlist continues on its own and adapts as people vote for the music they want to hear.

How we built it

We developed the application in 3 parts. Michael Smith and Will Mock worked on the backend and fronted of the website respectively. Michael also developed the API that was used for both mobile applications. The website was developed using the Laravel PHP framework. Reiker Seiffe developed the iOS mobile application from the ground up using native iOS and Apple frameworks. Jeffrey Ruffolo developed the Android application from the group up using mostly standard libraries provided as a part of Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

Spotify's API is limited in some respects which prevented us from doing certain things such as checking which song is currently playing or starting/stopping the music from our application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're extremely proud that we were able to create a website, iOS application and Android application in under 21 hours. We're also proud how much we were able to learn in a 21 hours hackathon.

What we learned

Jeffrey Ruffolo learned how to create Android applications. Michael and Will furthered their knowledge in PHP and Laravel, and Reiker furthered his iOS and Apple knowledge.

What's next for NoteVote

At some point, we would to consider commercial opportunities and try to launch this on a larger scale.

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