NoteTaker, for lack of a more creative name is a lecture to notes convertor with the goal of helping university and college students access and share lecture transcripts with peers to avoid forgetting information mentioned in lectures, and allow engagement. We know these issues have been experienced by every university student at one point in time so we decided to tackle this challenge. We began this Hackathon with little experience in any of the technologies required, and spent a lot of time experimenting and learning the new technologies. After working with IBM Watson, AWS Lambda and Transcribe, and GCP, we chose IBM Watson, for its easy and powerful integration. The final product is a Android App created using Android Studio. After recording the audio, it gets sent to the database and notifies the backend API, to perform the transcription. Once complete, the transcription is stored in Firebase and the user is notified via text. The can now go access this through the app, and have options to share it.

Through relentless debugging, and a weekend of learning, we learned to work effectively as a team and create our own product from scratch.

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