Global core classes with no textbook. And more seriously the idea came from people with hearing loss that are having a very hard time to follow an oral presentation of any kind.

What it does

Transcribes lectures in real time while allowing all class members to view, edit and comment on the automatic notes. The application also uses Yahoo's Context Analysis API to automatically extract entities and important topics and provides a quick way to access wikipedia data.

How we built it

Speech Recognition - Google's Speech API (Chrome) Realtime Collaborative text based on firepad. This is a similar approach to how closed captions are produced on live tv shows. An ASR system transcribes the audio signal and a person fixes the errors.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating incremental speech recognition is hard. Collaborative text editing makes things a lot more complex...

Post Hackathon Info

We got such great feedback about this that we are working hard on improving it. There are a few minor bugs but we hope to fix everything soon. If you're interested in helping out let us know!

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