With the transition to a remote work environment, online communication has become a necessity. Ideas are often omitted from documentation due to the lack of accessibility features. With the workplace evolving to online pathways, there is a growing need for a centralized notation service with several features to overcome user negligence, provide efficient support for daily activities and enhance productivity.

What it does

Some of the features include:

  • Stores note ID, note details, category tags, note text etc. using CockroachDB through PostgreSQL logic in JavaScript.
  • Summarize notes for active recall and daily scrum with Google/Alexa compatibility.
  • Convert handwritten notes to text.
  • Convert speech to text.
  • Classify notes with categories and form relevant hyperlinks.
  • Search functionality to look up similar notes.
  • Image pane for visual learning and handwritten notes for reference.

How we built it

  • CockroachDB:
    • Stored notes data using CockroachDB's minimum failure risk, and scalability across multiple nodes.
    • Autosaves after a certain period of time to avoid loss of data using PostgreSQL queries.
    • Created a matching/grouping logic for classifying notes under the NLP generated categories.
    • Reverse search query to look for keywords in notes using CockroachDB's millisecond response times.
    • Alter/Insert/Delete logic.
  • Voiceflow:
    • Set up Google & Alexa devices to recite summaries of notes based on the 'Active Recall' principle.
  • Google Cloud Vision: Handwriting to Text.
  • Google Cloud NLP: Text analysis & Classification.
  • DeepAI: Summarizing text to 20%.
  • Back-End: Node.js
  • Front-End: HTML/CSS & Bootstrap

Challenges we ran into

  • Encapsulating all the different APIs into a single web application and ensuring minimal time delays between different calls.
  • Integrating our backend API endpoints with Voiceflow to perform operations on our Google Home device.

What's next for NoteSus

  • Use data in ML models to track progress curves and performance (eg: similar to premium JIRA for free with custom models and new parameters to track).
  • User login system (Currently built for open access, can simply add Oauth functionality to restrict to certain groups).
  • Automated email notifications and calendar events.
  • Real-time collaboration.

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