Those 100 level classes with 200-400 people in them where every class I get an email asking for ntoes

What it does

Helps facilitate the sharing of notes between students

How we built it

Lots of time, little sleep and a little bit of pain We used jhipster to auto generate a lot of the app and get us up and building what we actually wanted to build very quickly. So with that we had a Java spring backend with an angular frontend. All over top of many other frameworks to help us build a fantastic web app.

Challenges we ran into

Configuration differences between our laptops wasted hours of our time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All of it?

What's next for NoteShare

To be finished

For the Longest Stack name Challenge

We used HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, angularJS, Jquery, javascript, bower, gulp, sass, karma, spring, spring-boot, maven. hibernate, liquibase, mysql, ehcache, elasticsearch, gatling, jenkins, docker, json, linux, node.js, and oauth. Which i believe totals to be 25 or so. While this is a whole lot we actually did use, work and modify all of these at some point or another over the past 36 hours.

For the Best use of aws challenge

I setup an aws docker image repository and used it throughout the hackathon if that counts for anything. I had never done it and figured it would be fun to try out.

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