Online classes became common due to pandemic. And teachers are struggling to make students focus on the concepts that are taught online. So we want to help students to make their concepts more clearer which are taught in the classroom. We wanted to make an application that would help students and lifetime learners to create notes while learning, get access to notes created by others and revise various topics by searching the notes for required topics.

What it does

The web application login and sign up the users using Okta Identity Engine Redirect Authentication. After successful login, the user idToken gets Stored in the local Storage. The Profile Enrollment is enabled in the Okta Identity Engine, so that users can self sign-up and sign-in. The user can see their profile details by visiting the Profile section. The users write their notes by visiting the NotesShare Page. The notes are stored in MongoDB Atlas using node js REST API. The users can search the notes by titles using the search functionality. The creator of the notes are find out using the current user details. The users can only delete the notes created by them. The users can see the notes of all other users, find out the which notes are created by whom and at what time.

Okta Features Leveraged

The following Okta Features were leveraged in my app: User Registration, User Login, Okta Identity Engine Profile Enrollment, Okta Identity Engine Redirect Authentication, Storing data from Okta to MongoDB Atlas, Maintaining User Profile Details using Okta.

My Okta Preview URL:

How we built it

We built this application using react js, semantic UI, okta identity engine, MongoDB and node js and deployed it to Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

Fetching the current user details from Okta Identity Engine and storing it into MongoDB Atlas using node js REST API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully deploying the app to Heroku.

What we learned

We learned how the tokens are generated using Okta Identity Engine, Okta Identity Engine Redirect Authentication, Deploying database to Atlas, Deploying web application to Heroku.

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