Whilst many apps require a complex setup process and may depend on specific board and column settings, the Notes app for will work with any board and with no setup. Simply add Notes to a board and then you can immediately use it to record important information for later recall.

Notes has no pre-requisites, setup if frictionless.

All organisations should have confidence in Notes because it does not egress any data outsde of Notes exclusively uses to store data.

Notes is completely secure.

Notes mimics to provide a seamless user experience. The layout and interactions are so similar to, you may forget you're in an app. Features such as inline editing ensures Note is completely intuitive.

Notes is deceptively simple, yet powerful.

The need for time based notekeeping applies to just about any industry.

Notes is versatile and valuable.

Notes tagline


It's often necessary to capture information that relates to a board, but not necessarily a single item within the board.

In many cases, it's also preferable to have a timeline showing when certain events occurred since this can help provide a mental summary of the history of interactions. This is particularly useful for CRM boards where interactions with prospects and clients occurs over time.

Whilst provides a sidebar that allows updates and other information to be recorded against items, the inspiration behind Notes is for an entire board view providing a user experience dedicated to the capture of historical information relating to a board. The intention is for's updates feature to be used when collaborating on boards items and Notes to keep a log of activity relating to the board.

Time based note keeping is usefult for a range of applications including CRM, construction and field applications:


  • Get a complete view of your accounts within
  • Keep your impressions, next steps, and other sales related information up to date and centralized in
  • Share campaign details and other relevant content with your team in


  • Log details about deliverables, site conditions, personnel, subcontractor activities and much more in
  • Recall details about events that occurred in a particular period.
  • Period status reports.

What it does

Notes is supplementary to's updates. The updates feature of is great for collaborating on individual items. Often, however, you may simply need to log information so that you have a record of it for later recall. For example, summaries of phone calls and meetings can be logged in Notes to share with your team members and to remind yourself when you later re-visit the item.

And whilst recording notes against board items is great, sometimes there are events that may apply to multiple items in the board. This is why Notes allows you to log details about activities such as campaigns against special categories that are not item specific.

Notes includes templates to make note taking faster and more consistent. When creating a new note, choose the most applicable template and then just fill in the details. The templates provided so far include:

  • Call
  • Campaign
  • Email
  • Event
  • Feedback
  • Issue
  • Project checkin

Each note can be assigned a status to highlight it as appropriate:

Draft Draft

In progress In progress

At risk At risk

Off track Off track

Done Done

Use Case: Construction and field workers

Notes can be used in a range of industries. To illustrate this, lets say you're the project manager of a construction project. When you first add notes to your board, you should choose the item independent categories that apply. For a construction project, this will likely be as follows:

  • Issues: Use this category to record details about problems that occur and which need to be resolved.
  • Personnel: Record any notes about staff such conflict or kudos.
  • Receivables: Log the details about deliveries received or expected.
  • Site conditions: Keep a note about relevant conditions of the site that may affect the schedule.

Time centric note keeping will help you recall past events and plan for future events which is an important discipline when running a construction project.

How I built it

Notes is a ReactJS application that uses the SDK to integrate with

Challenges I ran into

Seamless editing

It is difficult to provide a seamless editing experience in web applications. The Notes editor is intuitive yet unobtrusive.

Inadequate Updates API

It is not feasible to integrate Notes with's updates feature at this time due to the following limitations of the updates API:

  • Blocker: No ability to query updates by date range and item ID.
  • Blocker: No ability to modify an update.
  • Blocker: The update creation API only takes plain text so formatting from Notes will be lost resulting in a poor user experience.
  • Impediment: The updates query response only provides HTML and text versions of updates. A structured response such as JSON would simplify parsing. It is not feasible to parse any HTML.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Notes provides an experience that is consistent with The presentation of groups and items has the same look and feel. Focussing on a specific item opens a vertically oriented panel at the right which is consistent with the panel showing updates.

Notes also does not transmit any data beyond Notes are stored using the storage API.

What I learned

I learnt mostly about the updates feature and its API limitations (see above).

What's next for Notes

  • DONE: Ability to add images to notes.
  • DONE: Search notes by keywords.
  • DONE: Ability to choose from different note categories that are not item specific.
  • DONE: Add statuses to notes.
  • PENDING: Allow users to define their own note templatess.
  • PENDING: Add the ability for note templates to specify fiels that will be replaces by board item values.
  • PENDING: Notes may also be expanded to track tasks and reminders.
  • PENDING: Add the ability for user to add their own board wide categories for recording notes against.
  • PENDING: Audit logging.
  • BLOCKED: Integration with the Updates feature when the API allows for update modification (see the "Challenges I ran into" section).
  • BLOCKED: If allows apps to share a data store between a board view and an item view, then an item view can be added to the Notes app so that the notes for an item can be visited by opening the Notes item view.

Setup Guides & Instructions

Visit Notes app for at Roobrick.

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