Some note-taking apps don't have everything that people would like. We set out to make a sticky note app with useful organizational features like colored notes, checklists, and drawing on top of notes. Our app combines the power of full note-taking apps with a small, always-in-the-corner presence on the desktop.

What it does

Notes that Stick helps people organize their daily plans, their projects, or their ideas. You create new notes and checklists, and can delete them when you are done. You can change the colors of the notes and lists, and switch between using the mouse to move notes around and using the mouse to draw on top the notes.

How we built it

We used Processing, a software sketchbook and programming language for learning. We chose Processing for its helpful built-in functions for images, custom fonts, and mouse and keyboard interaction. We followed a bottom-up design, creating the specific classes and methods first before combining them into new features for the main program.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was being able to select any note to type on or move around. We accomplished this by using a variable to store the most recent note that you interacted with. Another challenge was making your drawings follow the notes around. We made this work by storing the drawing in an array on each note object. The last challenge was modifying the base note to create checklists. We accomplished this using subclasses and made use of interesting math tricks to click the correct checkbox depending on the mouse position.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of everything we have learned about programming and design. We are especially proud of our use of objects and data structures to make the features we wanted work. We are proud of the neat tricks we found to figure out which object you are hovering over and make the text and images move when you move the note.

What we learned

We learned a little bit more about using objects in combination with data structures to organize a program. We gained experience with creating a visually appealing, simple, and easily usable design and layout for an app.

What's next for Notes that Stick

We would like to add a way to save your notes after you close the app. We are also continuing to work on adding more drawing and color selection features. There are a few issues with typing that we are looking into. We would also like to finish commenting our code.

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