The Problem

Not everyone carries pen and paper with them where ever they go. Everyone carries around their phones. Unfortunately, many people do not take notes on their phone because existing note taking applications are too complex or slow. Rocket Notes combines the ease of pen and paper with the convenience of portability. Welcome to the true replacement for your notepad!

What it does

Rocket Notes takes notes fast! Create image and text notes directly from your home screen, with just ONE tap! Your most recent notes are always visible from your home screen and never more than ONE tap away. No more opening an app to take notes; just start writing instead!

Rocket Notes:

Creating a new note is as easy as typing a text message! Just start writing and let Rocket Note do the rest. No more worrying about formatting or how the note looks. Taking a note should be easy; leave the fonts, colors, and bold/italics to Microsoft Word.

Updating or editing a note is just as easy! Just click on an existing note and type; edits are saved automatically! Rocket Notes is a note taking application that just works!

Rocket Images:

Forget writing, snap a picture instead! Rocket Images displays your most recent photo notes in a home screen gallery that is instantly visible. Tapping on a thumbnail opens the picture in full screen mode for viewing and sharing.

Rocket Note stores your photo notes in a folder separate from your gallery app. No more searching for important notes buried under your selfies, having work documents show up in your slideshows, or getting boring images backed up via Google Photos. Rocket Notes puts the images you need ONE tap away!

How we built it

Android Studio, coded from scratch in 24 hours. Pushing the boundaries of what Android widgets can do! :D

What's next for Rocket Note

  1. Finish development of core features.
  2. Publish Rocket Notes to the Google Play store.
  3. Take on Google Keep and Evernote!

Rocket Notes attracts Google Keep and Evernote users who are looking for a simpler, faster note taking solution. Rocket Notes also expands the market by attracting users that do not use their phones to take notes by offering a more convenient and less painful option.

Evernote charges $70/year for all their features. There is a lot of room for commercialization and a freemium business model.



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posted an update

The Notes App is intended to be the world's fastest note taking app in that it should be easy to access your notes as wells as add new ones with just one click through a widget. When you are in a presentation or a function and wish to take pictures as notes it gets stored with other pictures, this app seeks to change that. Pictures taken through the app will be stored in the app folder to make it easy to access them without having to browse all your other pictures and also make it possible to take new ones from the app.

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