We first started by thinking of what defines a life hack. Anything that makes life easier or cut or is done for you seems like a life hack. We first thought of a music sheet composer. It would turn any music into musical notes. Not only did this already exist, it did not make life easier. We realized that people read articles near everyday. They don’t want to read everything, but want important details and the general idea.

What it does

Takes notes on the files given. Keeps important information. Removes unnecessary information. Creates instant notes of any text.

How we built it

We coded the program using Java. We used the Apache NPLT API to do natural language processing. Our first step was to analyze how a normal human being takes notes. Afterwards, we tried to mimic that same thinking by the computer.

Challenges we ran into

Finalizing the idea. How to define important sentences. Finding frequencies of words in a String. Setting up the Natural Language API on eclipse.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a full and presentable project was one of the biggest accomplishment which were the result of other small achievements.

What we learned

Patience was one of the biggest things we learned. Without patience a group is frustrated and is on the edge of a waterfall. Because one wrong move could lead to destruction. In terms of coding, we learned how to use the Natural Language Processing API.

What's next for Noter

Implement Machine Learning, and create Noter to be more accurate. Convert OCR to text to notes on the phone by taking a picture of your textbook page.

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