I was looking for ideas and came across a generator. One of the suggestions was "Control a drone with the weather." The next one was, "Make flash cards based on Wikipedia." Seemed like a simple useful task.

What it does

Makes flashcards based on a Wikipedia page.

How we built it

Use Google as a spell/error checker before taking search results and summarizing them.

Challenges we ran into

Using a php based API. Andoid is quicky with thirs internet access, involving multithreading and permissions. Regex is never a fun thing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works. Possibly better than we rightfully expected. At one point, one of the judges asked for note cards about "Search Engine Optimization." This was, obviously, not something we had predicted, but the app out preformed our expectations.

What we learned

How to use an api. Android development. Some Multithreading. Git for Android Studio.

What's next for NotePedia

Bug fixes and potentially monetizing. Write our own summary feature to do away with the limit imposed by the API.

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