At the University of Toronto, accessibility services are always in demand of more volunteer note-takers for students who are unable to attend classes. Video lectures are not always available and most profs either don't post notes, or post very imprecise, or none-detailed notes. Without a doubt, the best way for students to learn is to attend in person, but what is the next best option? That is the problem we tried to tackle this weekend, with notepal. Other applications include large scale presentations such as corporate meetings, or use for regular students who learn better through visuals and audio rather than note-taking, etc.

What it does

notepal is an automated note taking assistant that uses both computer vision as well as Speech-To-Text NLP to generate nicely typed LaTeX documents. We made a built-in file management system and everything syncs with the cloud upon command. We hope to provide users with a smooth, integrated experience that lasts from the moment they start notepal to the moment they see their notes on the cloud.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to integrate so many different services, APIs, and command-line SDKs was the toughest part, but also the part we tackled really well. This was the hardest project in terms of the number of services/tools we had to integrate, but a rewarding one nevertheless.

What's Next

  • Better command/cue system to avoid having to use direct commands each time the "board" refreshes.
  • Create our own word editor system so the user can easily edit the document, then export and share with friends.

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