The Problem

Handwritten notes can be very useful for purposes like studying. However, people also want their notes to be easily accessible and shareable with others, leading to an increase in digital note-taking applications. We recognized a need to reconcile these two methods of note-taking so that people can benefit from the advantages of having both physical and electronic copies of their notes.

Our Solution

We created a web application that allows users to conveniently convert handwritten notes to editable text.


Drag and drop or upload a photo of your notes and NotePal will automatically return the text content of the image in an editable format.


Easily translate your notes from English to French.

Spell Checking

Checks your spelling so you don't have to.


Notes are too long? Use the summarization feature to quickly create a summary section for your study notes.

Built With

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.


  • Kevin Jin
  • Molan Ren
  • Arjun Bhushan
  • Priyanshu Gandhi
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