In this new year, I have decided to try to be more organized. Part of this is that I will try to write things down to keep track of them, rather than relying on memory. In order to help myself and other people with this goal, I have decide to make this project.

What it does

Notepad is meant to be simple. It allows you to take and view notes from any device anywhere without the need to make an account. Notepad generates a link for you, and all your notes are stored in the link. You can simply bookmark/save the link, and you will be able to view and add notes from any device by simply going to the link. Additionally you can share the link so that other people can add and view the notes as well.

How I built it

I build this using in visual studio.

Challenges I ran into

This was the first time I have used Additionally, I barely know any C#. This was all extremely new to me, so I had to deal with a lot of errors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As I mentioned, this is the first time I have made a project using, so I am very proud of it.

What I learned

I learned a ton. I learned some C#, I learned how to use, I learned about the model view controller design pattern, and I even learned a little about SQL databases.

What's next for Notepad

I am very happy how this turned out for my first real project. As I learn more about, I want to add a plethora of new features to this website, starting with more control over the notes (things such as changing the order of notes, moving or copying notes, etc.)

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