Created by Kevin Nguyen & Michael Le

July 1, 2014


Noteminder is a Ruby on Rails app that allows people to create notes and have them sent back via email/text right when they need to review them. The app uses a Spaced Repetition gem, background process, chron jobs, and sms messaging (through twilio COMING SOON) Noteminder lets people focus on what they want to study. Not planning study sessions.


Michael and I created this app because we both wanted something that would help us learn more effectively without having users enter a dedicated program to access our notes. We wanted to fill the gap between spaced repetition and email/text integration because email/phones are natural extensions of our workflow.


-Email/SMS integration -Spaced repetition algorithm (Supermemo 2) -Dashboard for note organization (compile, delete, create, archive, and share decks)

Future features

Note synchronization Contextual tracking


A minimalist design with strong contrasting elements.

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