Our Story

My teammate Chris and I have been developing audio applications the past couple months using a unique workflow that many people don't know about. We managed to completely circumvent the challenges of Core Audio by using a separate programming language for the audio backend. Pure Data, the audio language, is a visual programming language that, in conjunction with an external library called libpd, makes building audio patches incredibly simple and trivial to integrate with iOS (after getting over the learning curve, there are a few kinks to be aware of).

The App

We decided that we wanted to build a standalone instrument interface for the hackathon that would allow users to make music in a more natural and creative way than using a crappy iPad piano interface. The instrument allows users to immediately have a 3 octave range of control, along with the ability to drag, edit, and add notes on the screen. We also set up some basic audio effects to demo the power and simplicity of Pure Data (chorus and tremolo specifically). This app has plenty of expansion potential (we are planning on integrating it in with another project we've been working on!) and we look forward to bringing it to its peak!

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