Oftentimes when we find ourselves not understanding the content that has been taught in class and rarely remembering what exactly is being conveyed. And some of us have the habit of mismatching notes and forgetting where we put them. So to help all the ailing students, there was this idea to make an app that would give the students curated automatic content from the notes which they upload online.

What it does

A student uploads his notes to the application. The application creates a summary of the notes, additional information on the subject of the notes, flashcards for easy remembering and quizzes to test his knowledge. There is also the option to view other student's notes (who have uploaded it in the same platform) and do all of the above with them as well. We made an interactive website that can help students digitize and share notes!

How we built it

Google cloud vision was used to convert images into text files. We used Google cloud NLP API for the formation of questions from the plain text by identifying the entities and syntax of the notes. We also identified the most salient features of the conversation and assumed it to be the topic of interest. By doing this, we are able to scrape more detailed information on the topic using google custom search engine API. We also scrape information from Wikipedia. Then we make flashcards based on the questions and answers and also make quizzes to test the knowledge of the student. We used Django as the backend to create a web app. We also made a chatbot in google dialog-flow to inherently enable the use of google assistant skills.

Challenges we ran into

Extending the platform to a collaborative domain was tough. Connecting the chatbot framework to the backend and sending back dynamic responses using webhook was more complicated than we expected. Also, we had to go through multiple iterations to get our question formation framework right. We used the assumption that the main topic would be the noun at the beginning of the sentence. Also, we had to replace pronouns in order to keep track of the conversation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have only 3 members in the team and one of them has a background in electronics engineering and no experience in computer science and as we only had the idea of what we were planning to make but no idea of how we will make. We are very proud to have achieved a fully functional application at the end of this 36-hour hackathon. We learned a lot of concepts regarding UI/UX design, backend logic formation, connecting backend and frontend in Django and general software engineering techniques.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the problems of integrations and deploying an application. We also had a lot of fun making this application because we had the motive to contribute to a large number of people in day to day life. Also, we learned about NLP, UI/UX and the importance of having a well-set plan.

What's next for Noted

In the best-case scenario, we would want to convert this into an open-source startup and help millions of students with their studies. So that they can score good marks in their upcoming examinations.

Built With

  • chatbot
  • django
  • google-cloud-nlp
  • google-cloud-vision
  • google-custom-search-engine-api
  • python
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