There are so many classroom apps available but there is one problem that no other one solves; waiting for a slow writer to catch up on a note. NoteHB aims to fix that by having you put your HB pencil down (see what we did there?).

What it does

NoteHB uses Google's Web Speech API to convert speech to text. When a teacher creates an account, they is given a class code that they share with the class. The students join the class and get to see a live note from what the teacher is saying.

How We built it

We used Firebase's real time database to send the note from the teacher to all the students, and also save it.

What's next for NoteHB

Our goal was to have the ability to highlight notes and have everyone's highlights compiled into a master note. We were unable to accomplish that due to time restrictions and we hope to complete that in the near future. Also, each teacher and student can only see 1 note at a time. We wish to add note saving and sorting so people can edit more than 1 note.

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