NoteGenius is a hybrid mobile and web app that allow students to effortlessly take notes with OCR (optical character recognition) techniques and AI facilitated annotations.

By a team of hackers from TJHSST and Fairfax HS, the inspiration for NoteGenius was to create a more streamlined and coherent process for not only taking notes, but also formatting and sharing in various formats. Built on top of Rackspace technology, NoteGenius implements OCR techniques and in order to succeed in a more effective note-taking process.

Our target users are anyone with a desire to take notes while paying full attention to lectures and professors. Modern technology, games, and other distractions detract from our learning experience. In most cases, the material on the whiteboard can be found in textbooks or online, but the lecture itself is unique. With NoteGenius, students will not have to flick their heads up and down trying to copy down the notes on the board, and can instead focus on the lesson. Because of NoteGenius' robust simplicity, it has versatile everyday applications globally.

Although other preexisting apps do utilize similar techniques individually, NoteGenius combines and improves upon previous capabilities. Although still at MVP (minimum viable product) stage, the potential for growth in the productivity market is incredible. Slidedeck

Developed by Shrey Gupta, Bhuvanesh Murali, Sayan Paul, and Cordell Yee at VTHacks II (Winter 2015).

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