Noted is a tool that reads a text input in order to generate sheet music with proper key/time signatures and notation, then reads the music in a live play-back.

Have you ever wanted to learn about Music Theory? That's what were here for! This course can be used to learn, review, and practice Music Theory through cool new interactive gadgets built on the Versal platform! Our gadgets allow learners to play back the music they see on their page and for educators to easily create interactive content.

Noted strives to better you on your quest in learning Music Theory. We are passionate about the learning community/education and we want to improve the way people can learn courses through the internet. People should always have the opportunity to learn what they want, especially in this time and age where it can be so easy.

Written as a gadget for Versal, it can be used as a standalone. Though the course we have written focuses on the basics, our gadget can be adapted as a tool for any level of learner - even advanced users.

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